About The Treat Boutique


A store dedicated to the dog lover in us all! Here at the Treat Boutique, we wanted to not only focus on the goodness of the dog, we wanted to focus on the owner's of those dogs, as well! We feel as if there are some of the most incredible small businesses around the United States selling the highest quality goods for our dogs and us, but there aren't many small businesses that you can find a combination of all those places into one. We wanted to be a one stop shop of shopping for your dog and you, and that is what made The Treat Boutique come alive! We are committed to your dog but also to the dog lover in yourself. What we always say is, "treat your dog, then treat yourself!"

At The Treat Boutique, you will find an array of supplies for your dog that we have hand selected ourselves from only the best small businesses all throughout the United States, and even beyond to Europe! We want to focus on improving your pet's life in all senses, from their mental, emotional, and physical being. The Treat Boutique sells products that can heal your dog's body from within, stimulate their minds mentally and their bodies physically, and have them looking as stylish as can be in handcrafted apparels from collars to bandanas to coats and sweaters. When it comes to treating ourselves, we have had the most fun picking out the best sweatshirts, hats and other apparel, to the trendiest bags and pouches. The Treat Boutique has the most beautiful and meaningful home decor to make your guests know how much you love your pet's and modern decor and design. So, take a look around, and make sure you treat the one's you love, both furry and not!


Quarry Dog Daycare was founded by pet adorer Rikki Garson.​Rikki has worked in the animal industry for over 15 years and she always knew that’s where her life would take her. Throughout her high school career, she volunteered at animal shelters, learned how to properly interact with dogs and cats and how to care for them, found the quirkiest ways to make money that revolved around animals, learned how to professionally wash/bathe dogs and cats and pet sat for multiple families. She then went on to complete her degree in Small Animal Care at the University of New Hampshire, moved home, managed multiple retail pet stores to further her knowledge and worked endless hours at a corporate kennel to make sure she gathered all the information she needed to then open her very own business. Now, in 2022, she is four years in to owning Quarry Dog Daycare, co-founded and running Outrider Dogs, a rescue that focuses on transporting dogs from harsh beginnings/conditions, fostering and adopting for a much needed second chance at life and is one year into opening The Treat Boutique. Rikki resides in Simsbury with her husband, Ben, their pack of 4 dogs and their two baby boys, Rye Henry and Baby B. She looks forward to years of learning and growing and making her business into exactly what she dreams of.

Meet the Manager
Alyssa Scafuri

Alyssa is 23 years old and has grown up around dogs her entire life. When she turned 20 she rescued her first dog, a Blue Tick Coonhound mix named Walker. Alyssa began working with dogs in 2016 as a pet sitter, where she took care of dogs, goats and horses for people going on vacation. In 2019 she began working at Quarry Dog Daycare, where she has become a key part in the business. Along with her passion for dogs Alyssa is very passionate about criminal justice. After graduating high school in 2016, Alyssa went to college at Northwestern Connecticut Community College for Criminal Justice where she became the President of the Criminal Justice Club, toured a prison and interned at a food pantry and homeless shelter named Friends In Service to Humanity, in Torrington. Alyssa graduated from Northwestern in 2019 with an associates degree in Criminal Justice. She currently works for Quarry Dog full time, helping the dogs play safely and watching them grow into great pups. When she is not working, Alyssa enjoys going on hikes, to the drive in movie theater and to her lake house in Maine. Alyssa was born and raised in Barkhamsted, CT where she has her own farm with chickens, turkeys and ducks.