Bailey's Omega Hemp CBD Soft Chews


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Why Choose Bailey's Omega Hemp CBD Soft Chews?

  • 🏆 Rated the #1 "CBD Gummies For Dogs" in the U.S. – A trusted choice for pet wellness.
  • 😙 Packed with savory bacon flavor, these chews are a delicious way to support your pet’s wellness.
  • 😍 Formulated to promote calmness and overall well-being in your furry friend.
  • 🥓 Satisfies your dog's bacon craving while contributing to their health.
  • ⚾️ A perfect combination of taste and health benefits - a home run for pet care


  • Unmatched Quality for Your Dog's Wellness

    • Each chew contains USDA organic full spectrum hemp extract, ensuring the highest quality.
    • Contributes to a holistic wellness regimen, helping maintain your dog’s balance and happiness.
    • Regular use can aid in creating a serene, healthy, and joyful environment for your pet.

    Choose Bailey's Omega Hemp CBD Soft Chews for a premium, health-boosting treat your dog will love. With our commitment to quality and pet wellness, these chews are more than just a treat - they're a step towards a happier, healthier life for your canine friend.


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