Kong Naturals Crinkle Fish

Kong Naturals Crinkle Fish


Regular price$6.50
  • Made of natural, eco-friendly materials and shaped like a fish to tempt your favorite feline friend.
  • Buckwheat inside makes a crinkle sound that instantly sparks curiosity.
  • Fluttering feathers located on the tails are designed to spark your pal's hunting instincts.
  • Packed with KONG Premium North American Catnip to excite your cat and encourage play.
  • Available in a two pack of assorted colors.

Appeal to your cat's natural hunting instincts with KONG's Crinkle Fish. Designed with fluttering, feathery tails, these irresistible little fish tempt curious cats and encourage their natural instincts to pounce and chase. They are lightweight, which means they can fly far when swatted and they're packed with KONG Premium North American Catnip to encourage plenty of exercise and play.

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