Flea & Tick Concentrate 16oz
Flea & Tick Concentrate 16oz

Flea & Tick Concentrate 16oz


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Complete coverage is key, especially in shaded areas. Can be used with any hose-end sprayer (see below), compression sprayer or outdoor fogger (4 oz/gallon of water), and in mistings systems (16-25 oz/gallon of water).


To cover 5,000 sq ft, add 8-10 oz of concentrate and warm water to the 20 gallon fill line in a pre-mix hose-end sprayer. If using a dial hose-end sprayer, fill sprayer with concentrate and set the lid to 1 TBSP.


Attach sprayer to hose and turn water on then turn on the sprayer nozzle. Spray the perimeter of your home from ground level up several feet onto the siding to encourage bugs to go away from your house.


Continue into the yard and apply walking at a steady pace and using a sweeping motion with the sprayer. Work your way to the property or fence line. Spray trees from the base and up as high as possible.


Do a second application 2-10 days apart to break the pest life cycle. Apply at the low end of the range if pest pressure is high. If needed, repeat until control over bugs is established.


Apply every month or as needed to maintain results. With mosquitoes, more frequent applications may be necessary.

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