Boho + Bark Walk Bag (strap sold separately)

Boho + Bark Walk Bag (strap sold separately)

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If I do say so myself, this bag is the perfect walk accessory.

I love walking my dog, Willow but have nowhere to carry my phone, pods, keys, treats, etc. when I'm wearing my leggings. (Which let's be honest... Is like every day). This bag eliminates the age-old struggle of women not getting enough pockets! - Lexi, Boho + Bark


* An adjustable, removable strap that can be tightened for shoulder wear or loosened for crossbody wear. 

* A waist clip on the back of the bag that can be hooked over pants.

* Exterior fabric is waterproof and tear-resistant

* Treat pocket is lined with lightweight, dampproof nylon fabric. The pocket can be pulled inside out for easy cleaning and is sealed with a drawstring closure.

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