Wood Chew
Wood Chew
Wood Chew
Wood Chew

Wood Chew


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Mount Ara’s Coffee Wood chews are perfect for dogs that love to…well… chew. Coffee Wood is an extra hard wood that breaks down into soft fibers when chewed. This makes it splinter free and safe when ingested. We soak each chew in MCT oil to aid in joint, brain and liver health.

Remember all chewing should be supervised. Take away the Mount Ara Wood Chew when it becomes worn down to prevent choking hazards.

Mount Ara all new natural coffee-wood chew.

  • All-natural, extra-hard, calorie-free, vegan chew toy
  • Long lasting chew helps prevent boredom and stress
  • Keeps teeth and gums healthy and clean
  • Sustainably harvested and responsibly sourced
  • Saturated with MCT oil for added health benefits

    *mount ara wood chew is a natural imported wood from tropic climates. Some cracking of the wood is natural and safe.

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