Yeti Nuggets
Yeti Nuggets

Yeti Nuggets


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  • A healthy, easily digestible treat that’s paw-fect for sensitive stomachs!
  • Made from all-natural, hardened Cow and Yak milk cheese.
  • Contains no salt.
  • Designed to be placed inside Puff & Play toys (sold separately).
  • Microwave for 45-60 seconds for a crunchy treat alternative!

Give your best bud a treat he’ll crave with the Yeti Natural Himalayan Yak Cheese Dog Nuggets Treats! These all-natural nuggets are made from hardened Cow and Yak milk cheese. They’re easily digestible, and they contain high amounts of protein and fewer carbs. They don’t contain salt, and they won’t splinter. They’re also odor-free and won’t stain carpets or furniture, a perk for pet paw-rents! Place them in the microwave for 45-60 seconds and they should puff up for a crunchy treat alternative! These tasty chews will help your paw-some pal exercise his jaws and clean his teeth, all while keeping him pleasantly entertained!

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